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  1. Rhedd-sorry, but we all know who the boss is.
  2. Fu Rhedd
  3. About time we got a real forum around here
  4. Heh...Heh
  5. Fuck This Shit
  6. I would like to thank...
  7. Today's Topic of Discussion!!
  8. New topic for discussion!~
  9. For the past few hours...
  10. Whats even worse then dorfs?
  11. Sirensa, dont hold back, tell us how you really feel
  12. dorfs
  13. why so mean to dwarfs?
  14. true horror
  15. Troll thoughts on dorfs
  16. Grrrrr
  17. Putting Rhedd in his place.
  18. omgomgomg
  19. Rhedd sucks so bad he can't show his face on D'Ro~
  20. Rhedd hot chilli peppers?
  21. Dorfs dont suck as bad as..
  22. Dorfs rule.. That is all
  23. Delete Grimthorn please
  24. they still suck