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  1. Setting up Mumble

    1. Download and install the Mumble client software.
    2. Upon first run, you will be prompted to run the Audio Tuning Wizard -- I highly recommend you do this as it sets your input levels so you broadcast at about the same volume as others. Tuning wizard steps follow:
      1. Select the proper input/output devices (ie, your headset/microphone or whatever).
      2. Device
  2. Things you need to know about the video game industry

    So I spent 7 years of my life killing myself in the video game industry and these are a collection of observations that I have had or conversations I have had with others.

    1. (TESTER) It will be fun I will get to play video games all day!

    This is one of the biggest misconceptions people have about testing. They think that testing is playing the game and looking for "bugs", this I am sorry to say is bullshit. Testing is not playing the game testing is doing the ...

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  3. HowTo: Disabling the "Overlay" in Mumble

    This question comes up enough that I thought I'd just write a blog about it.

    Step 1: Log out of WoW (or whatever game you are in that you see the overlay in and want it gone from).
    Step 2: In Mumble, open the 'Configure > Settings' menu.
    Step 3: Click on the 'Overlay' submenu.
    Step 4: Un-check the box next to 'Enable Overlay'.
    Step 5: Click 'OK'.

    You're done.

    Alternatively, you might actually like the overlay if it was configured ...