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  1. Why drinking is a must for raiding

    This is a topic that has been in discussion on mumble during raids lately and most of the time it's the new people wondering or commenting on it.

    First off drinking while raiding for some of us is NECESSARY!!!!

    I say this as many of us have been raiding for ages. A lot of the old school Hossers have been raiding since EQ so to continue raiding may require a bit of booze to get through the evening. Other people use booze like a buff to increase their healing (*cough* Andass ...

    Updated 12-07-2011 at 07:21 PM by Tenelen

  2. How I became a iPad supporter

    When the iPad first came out I saw it basically as a large toy with little to no real value. I pretty much swore it off and was opposed to the idea of spending $400-600 on a glorified iPhone with less functionality.

    A few weeks ago the company iPad was returned to us after a long stint with an ex-employee. Since we support access to our Citrix system from the iPad I figured that I would take it home and get familiar with it. In my defense I did spend a few hours getting familiar with ...
  3. Tensest game ever.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beelzebubs View Post
    The exact same MMR, a back and forth game, lots of running around screaming Leeeeeeeeroy.

    The result:

    Attachment 6936

    It even said the other team would win. Literally milliseconds in this game.
  4. HowTo: Disabling the "Overlay" in Mumble

    This question comes up enough that I thought I'd just write a blog about it.

    Step 1: Log out of WoW (or whatever game you are in that you see the overlay in and want it gone from).
    Step 2: In Mumble, open the 'Configure > Settings' menu.
    Step 3: Click on the 'Overlay' submenu.
    Step 4: Un-check the box next to 'Enable Overlay'.
    Step 5: Click 'OK'.

    You're done.

    Alternatively, you might actually like the overlay if it was configured ...
  5. EA acquires Pop Cap games

    So I saw that Gamefly posted this last week. I posted a comment as worked there for a number of years. Here is what one of the posters said:

    Don't understand what everyone's beef is with EA. Last I checked, even though they own so many franchises, they've been the one of the few publishers left putting out quality games since 1996. And not every game is a flop because of EA,the developers have a major, if not even more, of a part in how the game turns out.

    My response: ...
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