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  1. So really WTF

    I was doing pug randoms with Wicket this weekend and really WTF. Lets say 7/10 groups had either a terrible tank with shit ass gear and didn't know any of the fights or shit ass heals. One of the tanks litterly got one shot in ZA. The first boss looked at him and just shat on his face, and the tank was dead. One druid was trying to heal with 70k mana buffed and he was in all heroic gear. I mean my druid had more than that at lvl 80. I mean do these people even read anything when ...
  2. Raid leading tools

    Tools for Debugging Raids

    - Recount
    - Grid
    - Grid raid debuff

    That's it. A total of three tools provide everything you need to figure out what's going on during a raid. It won't give you everything, but it's enough to figure out what went wrong and who screwed the pooch.

    Beloved epeen meter for both DPS and healers the world over. Recount provides a massive amount of information per fight. I primarily use it to figure ...
  3. Setting up Mumble

    1. Download and install the Mumble client software.
    2. Upon first run, you will be prompted to run the Audio Tuning Wizard -- I highly recommend you do this as it sets your input levels so you broadcast at about the same volume as others. Tuning wizard steps follow:
      1. Select the proper input/output devices (ie, your headset/microphone or whatever).
      2. Device
  4. Fun time with medication

    So I had some fun yesterday going to urgent care. I got some medication that's been making me feel loopier than shit. Tramadol: any one else been on it? They also gave me Cyclobenzaprine but that's for bed time.
  5. Dying in a Fire

    Don't forget the ice cream!!!!!11!1!ONE!1
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