• Momentum

    It's been a busy week here in Hossland. I really want to salute our raid team for the week thus far, as I feel that we have come a long way in a very short time since our first 25/normal raid in Siege of Ogrimmar just 3 weeks ago.

    I set a small personal goal for our raid on Tuesday (which we met), by clearing through Iron Juggernaut on our first raid night (keeping in mind that we had yet to attempt Galakras in 25/normal), and that we met that goal with time to spare really started the week off right.

    Enter tonight, and I set another hopeful goal of simply getting 1 more boss killed. After several close attempts (even had them to 12% on our first try), the Dark Shaman fell soon after. As we pressed on toward General Nazgrim, I felt the night would be a great success if we managed to get *close* to winning after a few tries before our raid time ended. As we fought Nazgrim and his forces, everything just seemed to fall into place, and down he goes on our first attempt.

    So as we complete the first half of the instance, I would really like to congratulate everyone on stepping things up and helping bring Hoss back a bit closer to where I feel we should be in status. Yes, it's only normal difficulty and we have 6 more bosses to go - but I finally feel that our raid has gotten it's legs back and can finally begin to run again.

    Here's some pics... hopefully more to follow tomorrow!

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