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Why drinking is a must for raiding

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This is a topic that has been in discussion on mumble during raids lately and most of the time it's the new people wondering or commenting on it.

First off drinking while raiding for some of us is NECESSARY!!!!

I say this as many of us have been raiding for ages. A lot of the old school Hossers have been raiding since EQ so to continue raiding may require a bit of booze to get through the evening. Other people use booze like a buff to increase their healing (*cough* Andass *cough*). Gaming and drinking in my opinion typically go hand in hand or foot in mouth in some cases.

I personally drink when we raid as I tend to get less irritated about wipes and such when I have had a few. It keeps me level headed as well and I tend to preform better as I am less nervous that I am going to make a mistake.

Now there is a limit and when I drink to much then I have the opposite effect and start screwing up more, but I try not to go over board unless we are doing silly easy content.

Keep in mind I am not saying everyone should drink or advocating alcoholism (as you have to admit it to be labeled that) but I am just saying that a drink or two can make raiding much more pleasurable.

It can also make raid hilarious .......just sayin.

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  1. Beelzebubs's Avatar
    Beer good.
  2. Holysin's Avatar
    I support everyone drinking