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And ....welcome to the guild

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It's been a bit since I posted a blog here so I figured today was a good time to do so. As you know we have added a few new faces to the Hoss family. Nicely enough they seem to be fitting in with this hodgepodge of a guild full of drunks, pervs, assholes, and Pants (myself included in the first 3 items).

With new faces around it makes me look back at when I joined Hoss many moons ago when Lons didn't ever speak in vent, Andass was only half of a drunk, Pants died to all things fire all the time (wait that's never changed), and Rhedd was whoring himself in SW (...wait he still does that).

I remember getting invited to the guild as friends and family after a long stint with Paradox. I personally was burned out on hard core raiding as Paradox raided 5-6 days a week back then. After a bit of coaxing from CB and Peotr I asked to trial with the guild as a raiding member. I pew pew'ed on my druid for a few months doing alright but nothing amazing, then switched to heals where I stayed with it although changing toons last expac, and finally moving to my DK as we needed a DK DPS and a back up tank.

Even as the game changed, people left, came back, or we added new people to Hoss there has always been one major factor that's kept me with Hoss all these years. The people and how this guild is run. Don't get me wrong there have been bumps in the road, but Hoss always seems to land on its feet.

One thing I always tell people when they are applying for Hoss is that you are not just joining a guild you are joining a MMO legacy. How many other guilds can say that they have been around and active for 15 years? This isnt just me being an officer talking its totally the truth to me and many others in this guild. Now don't think "OMG I gotta keep my shit together because I am in Hoss now" but at the same token you slack off to many times one of us will let you know.

Maybe its the comradery, maybe its way Hoss has and is run, or maybe it just feels like home. I know that I wont find another guild like Hoss out there.

Always remember this guild is a fun guild so just do the best you can work hard when we need to and enjoy Hoss!
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