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Story time with Tenelen

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As most have found out we have a lot of people playing Warlords of Draenor. Many of them coming back after long breaks, and I would like to hear what people think of the expansion so far. I am really loving the fact that Blizz really brought the story and lore back to the fore front of WOW again, and with the additions to garrisons it makes dailies much more palatable. Even with the changes to crafting it hasn't been too bad as I am about to make my 3rd piece of crafted gear for Tenelen.

As for the raiding so far, LFR is a joke. You walk in ask where is my loot and bam you are done. Normal on the other hand is not a single step up from LFR it is a decent jump from LFR. Mechanics have to be followed, people have to be on their game and then you can get the phat loots. My impressions of heroic so far is they are a step up from normal but don't seem to be as dramatic as the difference from LFR to normal. I feel with our current momentum if we can keep it up we should be able to clear heroic with little issues.

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