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Setting up Mumble

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  1. Download and install the Mumble client software.
  2. Upon first run, you will be prompted to run the Audio Tuning Wizard -- I highly recommend you do this as it sets your input levels so you broadcast at about the same volume as others. Tuning wizard steps follow:
    1. Select the proper input/output devices (ie, your headset/microphone or whatever).
    2. Device Tuning: Adjust the slider to the lowest setting where you can hear the voice clip with no interruptions or jitter.
    3. Volume Tuning 1: Adjust your MICROPHONE volume so that when you speak LOUDLY, that the meter shown DOES NOT enter the RED zone (it can go a little into red, just you should not be maxing the bar out at full red).
    4. Volume Tuning 2: Adjust the SLIDER on the same window, so the GREEN bar captures speaking a LOW LEVELS (but not speaking should still idle in the BLUE).
    5. Voice Activity Detection: This setting is for voice-activated chat -- if you prefer push-to-talk skip this and go to step #6. I've had the best luck with "Raw amplitude from input". Also, I like to put on some background audio like an MP3 playing through my normal speakers to emulate "game" audio (I don't route my game audio through the headphones). Then adjust the slider until the meter sits about 1/4 of the way below the YELLOW span. Then try talking at a level as you would during game play and confirm that the TRANSMIT icon turns RED. Adjust as needed so the TRANSMIT icon is enabled when you are speaking.
    6. Push-to-talk: You can choose push-to-talk here and select your preferred key to enable voice broadcasting.
    7. Quality Settings: Set to BALANCED.
    8. Notification Settings: Whichever you prefer.
    9. Positional Audio: Click next.
    10. Finished: You can optionally submit stats to the developers.
  3. Connecting to the server:
    • If prompted for Certificate Authentication, just select "Create a new certificate", leave name/email blank and click next, type a few letters in the "Export to" field, and click "Commit". (This should only happen your first time running Mumble).
    • You will then see the Mumble Server Connect window.
    • Click "Add New"
    • Servername can be anything you wish, perhaps "Hoss Mumble Server".
    • The address is ""
    • The port is "4055"
    • Username can be anything you wish, just like Ventrilo
    • Click OK to save the server to your favorites, and then "Connect" to the server.
    • Upon first connection, Mumble will report "Invalid server password", and prompt you with a password box.
    • Ask someone in-game for the server password, you only need to enter it on your first connection.
  4. That's it.
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