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So really WTF

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I was doing pug randoms with Wicket this weekend and really WTF. Lets say 7/10 groups had either a terrible tank with shit ass gear and didn't know any of the fights or shit ass heals. One of the tanks litterly got one shot in ZA. The first boss looked at him and just shat on his face, and the tank was dead. One druid was trying to heal with 70k mana buffed and he was in all heroic gear. I mean my druid had more than that at lvl 80. I mean do these people even read anything when they deiced to play a class?

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  1. Berae's Avatar
    Pugs are ugly, just like the dog.

    (it has nothing to do with litter)
  2. Tenelen's Avatar
    A. I am typing on a netbook when I am at work so FU.

    2. Its called common sense. If you pick a class you learn about it not run around with your head up your ass....oh wait I forgot who I was talking to. j/k Berae

    ( I know the numbering convention is off but that's part of the fun so stufu.)
  3. Maegwin's Avatar
    People expect to be carried...blizzard trained them that way in wotlk. But now blizzard pulled a bait and switch and most heroics, and definitely ZA/ZG do not allow it. I semi blame blizzard.
  4. Berae's Avatar
    I blame blizzard for encouraging everyone to PUG. There has always been bads, and there always will be, no matter the game. WoW just happens to allow them to be able to play beyond what should've been a learning period, and mix in game with people of higher skill.
  5. Tenelen's Avatar
    I blame Bakana since he is the king of the baddies!
  6. Aindayen's Avatar
    It is possible to heal it with 70k as didn't they do it on the PTR with green/blue before the zones came out?

    For me it's two fold. 1) People want to gear too quickly and are wanting to be carried through zones they aren't ready for or 2) People don't understand how to play a class and when to utilize cool downs.

    In any case I have seen some pretty terrible players in pugs. Oh and FU ROGUE!
  7. Phaera's Avatar
    It's just a shame that the game is not hard to figure out. There's a billion resources to teach you how to play the proper way, add-ons too even! And most fight mechanics in dungeons are pretty straight forward. The issue lies in people being unable to take responsibility for screw-ups, ultimately.
  8. Aindayen's Avatar
    That assumes a certain level of player and we all know all things have ranges. I fully expect to see some bottom of the barrel from time to time.