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EA acquires Pop Cap games

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So I saw that Gamefly posted this last week. I posted a comment as worked there for a number of years. Here is what one of the posters said:

Don't understand what everyone's beef is with EA. Last I checked, even though they own so many franchises, they've been the one of the few publishers left putting out quality games since 1996. And not every game is a flop because of EA,the developers have a major, if not even more, of a part in how the game turns out.

My response:
I spent 7 years in the video game industry and I don't disagree that EA has been successful, but is the cost worth it. Over the years we have lost some top notch studios, quality games, and designers because of EA acquiring them. When i worked there we had just acquired Westwood studios. They put out some of the most amazing PC games of their time, but when EA was done with them they liquidated the assets and closed the studio. Many of the developers do not get reintegrated with the company after the studio closure. The only way to work well with EA is to keep them as a publisher and let the studios stay independent. I have had some of the best times of my life working for an independent developer, as you are treated with respect for your perspective and dedication. Working for companies like EA, SCEA, Activision, and ect you are treated as a work horse that's all unless your position is high enough up the ladder that is. I have said my peace.

Discuss!!!! I would like to hear some perspectives.
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  1. Berae's Avatar
    Well, they are the evil gaming empire, but it's not all bad. Like you said with Westwood, they put out some great games, and then got eaten by EA. And once fired from EA, they are free to make a newer franchise of games, instead of letting good games go bad later on, and letting good developers waste their time on a dying list of sequels. Also, this allows EA to rape and pillage them again later!