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HowTo: Disabling the "Overlay" in Mumble

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This question comes up enough that I thought I'd just write a blog about it.

Step 1: Log out of WoW (or whatever game you are in that you see the overlay in and want it gone from).
Step 2: In Mumble, open the 'Configure > Settings' menu.
Step 3: Click on the 'Overlay' submenu.
Step 4: Un-check the box next to 'Enable Overlay'.
Step 5: Click 'OK'.

You're done.

Alternatively, you might actually like the overlay if it was configured better than the default setting of showing EVERYONE (really, who wants to see 25+ names plastered down the side of their screen?).

To do this, open the same 'Overlay' submenu, and right-click on the user name plates on that screen to open a menu (see screenshot) - here, you can set the filters for what overlay names are displayed. Simply uncheck all of them except "Only Talking"; and now, you will only see a name pop up when someone talks.
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I also enable "Always Show Yourself", which is helpful to see when I am transmitting as well as keeping an anchor on my screen that I know where to look.

You can also drag the little red dot around the screen to reposition the box.
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