... over the last few days including Cazic Tool who dropped , .. err... hmmm , if i'd remember.... some stuff =o

Oh yeah, pauldrons, 2 chokers and a cloak =)

Cazic owned by hoss

Then the giant king, the most uber of all giants was our traget, too bad for him he wasnt uber enough. Phat lewt was
2 gloves, ring and another crown =o oh and vegetables!

He is the king~ ¬_¬

Also while i, the lazy bear i am, was sleeping we also keeled Vindicator 2 times over the past few days and The Statue of if-i-dont-wield-2-swiftblades-i-am-a-wuss died once too.

Statue dropped Scroll, Swiftblade and something else~

Also played around with the new Klandicar got him to 10% with 33 people and a wurm add while fight, we will be back for him =o