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Thread: Rotation Schedule

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    Exclamation Rotation Schedule

    Trak - Hoss (T-NI P1-10/08), NI (T-Hoss 10/04), L`Malla (9/18), GAP (9/27), ML (T - GAP 9/22), IG (10/01)

    CT - Hoss (10/04), L`Malla (10/08), Vind (P2 - 9/25), ML (9/27)

    Zland - Hoss (T-L`Malla), L`Malla (T-Hoss 9/29), Vind (9/22), ML (9/26)

    Dain - ML (9/28), Hoss (P2 - 9/23), Vind (P2 - 9/24), L`Malla (9/24)

    Ragefire - ML (8/27), GAP (Joined 9/2), Hoss(T - 9/6 ), VE (9/9), NI (9/12), L`Malla (T - VH 9/14), Vind (), IG (), TR (joined 8/25)

    Sev - IG (T-Hoss9/24), L`Malla(8/22), NI (T - Vind 9/13), GAP (T-VE 9/29), Vindi (T - CN 9/13), Hoss (T-IG), VE (T-GAP)

    Tormax - Vindi (10/08?), Hoss (9/23)

    Dozekar - Hoss (10/08), IG (F - 9/12), Vind (Added 9/23)

    Lend - Vindi (10/04), Hoss (10/08), L'Malla (Added 10/09) ML (9/27)

    ST Warders - ML (P1-10/09), Vind/L`Malla (), Hoss (P3-10/08?)

    Klandicar - Hoss (P2-10/04), ML (10/05), Vind (F2 w/L`Malla 10/03?)

    You know the drill - follow with confirmed dates when mob is down
    also double check to be sure you are in the rotations you want to be in

    I know it is a pain sometimes - but please post a quick note when a mob is taken down by your guild so we can keep the rotation updated

    There are now some (P) up there on various mobs, based on the fact they lived through the days those guilds were due for them. I'll be putting the dates with them and the F's as well.

    [Brackets] are temporary removals from rotations.

    Based on the guidelines, removing Vind from the Dozekar, Sontalak, and Yelinak rotations due to 3 passes in a row.

    Based on the guidelines, removing ML from the Statue rotation due to 3 passes in a row.

    Per Dlgoth request, removind L`Malla from Kland and Lend rotations.

    Removing Sontalak from rotations, based on frequent passing by most guilds involved with him.

    ST added to rotations.

    Removing Statue and Yelinak from rotations, based on frequent passing by most guilds involved with them.

    Removed Seekers from all rotations other than Ragefire, per Indecisive's request in another thread.

    Changed all instances of CN to NI per guild name change.

    Removed VH from rotations per guild disbanding.

    Removing Seekers from Ragefire, per no IGB representation/notification. If/when they get a new rep, they can be re-added.

    Added L`Malla to the Lend rotation.

    Current Rotations:
    Trak = L`Malla
    CT = Vind
    Zlan = Hoss
    Dain = Hoss
    Ragefire = Vind
    Sev = L`Malla
    Tormax = Hoss?
    Doze = IG
    Lend = ML
    ST = Vind/L`Malla
    Klan = Vind
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    Zlan and Klan down to ML 9/26.

    Marked Trak as a pass by GAP due to no post/info. If GAP or another did kill, please let me know and I will change it my next visit.

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    Sorry for the delay

    Trak down to GAP 27/9 .

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    Was that after or before todays patch?
    Thanatoz the Tyrant

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    CT down 9/27.

    Lendiniara down 9/27.

    ST cleared 9/27.

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    Dain up 3am EST 9/28.

    ML will be killing him 9/28.

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    Dain down 9/28.

    What's the word on Ragefire now?

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    Zlandicar is up.

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    Hoss and L`Malla are trading on the Zlandicar spawn.
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    Mythic Legion killed Klandicar tonight.

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    Zland Down 9/29 close to midnight CST

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    Tmax down 9/29

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    Trakanon is up, 9/30 1:40pm PST

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    Whats the status of the Doz spawn. Was he killed when servers came up? Shows IG as up, did ya kill and not say or whats the dealio~

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    So is Doz up? Guess we'll check it out if noone knows.

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    Question Recent Ragefire?

    Most recent ragefire was over 2 weeks ago .. blearg. I know there were patches, but I think Naggy was also up for days at one point ... lets try to keep an eye on it.

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    Yah I know where up, and I'm sure hes pop'ing but everytime I go and check Nagafen is also up and we're unable to kill Nag.

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    Pick a time, get your sub 52 twinks there, and we'll all (collective IGB members) bring ours...

    Naggy must die!

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    Trak didn't go down last night beacuse we could only muster a handful last night due to problems logging in.

    We will use our "free pass" and kill him tonight.

    As for doz, since we have trak tonight we're gonna pass on him until next time.
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    Trak dead 10/01

    added on edit...

    Vindi what is the deal with Ragefire? Is he dead?
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