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Thread: Mobs rotting to patches.

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    Mobs rotting to patches.

    Do you enjoy seeing mobs rot to patches?

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    In all seriousness, this arguement about the mobs rotting isn't the problem here on the IGB. It was the blatant disrespect for L`Malla while in ToVN and basically to the IGB members in general. All L`Malla saw last night was one member of Vindication after another getting CoH'd back there, and killing dragon after dragon.

    Of course L`Malla wasn't killing anything. They were all so angry and upset, they couldn't concentrate. Ever get so upset that you couldn't focus or concentrate? I think this incident last night was the perfect example.

    And all seriousness, you laughing off the incident is yet another slap in the face not only to Dlgoth, but to everyone else in that guild.

    Communication between guilds for good guild relations is key. And from my take on it, there was zero. Look at the mess today. Was it really worth it? Seriously? For a few extra pixels to brag about and basically piss off several people in the process?

    Just my two cents.
    -Selice Valorheart
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    As my inital post said, I feel bad that L`malla couldnt kill any of the dragons. I seriously do, but im not gonna cry over it with them, life fucking goes on. We've failed those dragons too heh.

    Whats the difference? This time L`malla has someone to blame, so we get all the hate, omg what a supprise...

    When you refer to us CoH'ing another and another back and killing another and another? We wern't anywhere near them at this time so I don't see how this would be noticeable or even affect them at all.

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    Also mobs really arent about the loot, there about the boredom.

    When guilds are sitting around on there butts making the 3rd and 4th twinks and they hear mobs are rotting, shit gets in gear fast.

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    Fact remains, your guild had no business even being in ToV N without discussing everything with Dlgoth prior to the event. That is what my post was about. Lack of communication, lack of respect in general.
    -Selice Valorheart
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    This is by no means an answer about what happened with NToV yesterday.. as I already stated, things could have been handled better there.

    There was plans for rotting dragons to be killed with regards to NToV when patches were up -- people even agreed to that at first, but then tossed it away later.

    In all seriousness, had Vindication and L`Malla figured this out IN ADVANCE and worked together to accomodate one another, L`Malla would have probably killed 4 or 5 dragons yesterday, Vindication 2 or 3 (including Vulak possibly), and L`Malla could have started over today. Would have been a win win situation for everyone involved.

    Dlgoth mentioned to me yesterday that they were his dragons to let rot. I think that is the wrong attitude for this game personally. There was far more on the plate of NToV than any 1st time guild there could have accomplished, period. And that would include a first time guild with a complete how-to guild for NToV. It still takes time to learn the lay of the land, the pulls, and what not.

    I am not saying that I agree with what Vindication did, as I still think it was handled poorly on their part. What I am saying is that the leaders of both guilds should have been able to work things out better than they did.
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    Heh when Dl said that to me about how "there my dragons to let rot" I did get kinda mad lol... This whole system is a courtesy we extend each other, the mobs arent really anyones at all till there dead, this is simply a kindness from one guild to another.

    Letting mobs go to waste defeats the entire purpose of this board...

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    We had just got finished discussing that the NToV rotation would change AFTER ours finished, and then you show up in zone hours later claiming you were moving in.. You bragged in your chat with me on AIM earlier about how it doesnt matter because we just started "endgame" where as you have been doing it for some time...

    So please, don't feed me the bullshit lines about how you "felt sorry for L`Malla", because we all know you don't give a rats ass about my "gay/gimp" guild...
    70 Rogue/GM of L`Malla

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    Hah no, you said I was condecending to you. I said try dealing with this for a year and you'll be a bit changed by it too.

    I love L`malla like my unborn son...

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    seeing as all courtesy seems to have been thrown out the window, how bout we just pass around a ruler now and see how we all measure up? it'll save us all a lot of bs'ing back and forth on the boards.

    -S McB

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    Actually captain, your "can't" needs to be changed to "didn't"
    Here's a list of current officers in L`malla so you can talk to someone who is in charge, instead of random_member02, the next time you want to steamroll my, I mean, safe spawns from rotting.


    Vulak wouldn't have rotted if ya would have made an effort to talk to officers other than telling Atrist "We'll let you have sev and cek so you can kill some dragons tonight" Thanks for the pacifier, wanna change my diaper now? We killed Aary, twice, legitly, completely in guild, thanks for caring about us, but we can handle shit quite well on our own.

    I'm quite against mobs rotting, I'd rather they didn't. I'd also rather my guild didn't ask me why Vindi was killing our mobs. Yeah, it was a scheduled patch, thanks for working this shit out EARLIER. You had just as much notification as we did. I was logging on to tell Andaas, Bara and Ciner that we won't be getting to Vulak tonight, and that our goal was to kill Koi, Miri, and give Vyemm and Nev a couple goes, that the other dragons would be free reign, when I saw Vindi CoHing in and members of your guild who were friends apologizing ahead of time for being dickheads. Way to go you, you screwed yourself out of Vulak, not the other way around. My confidence, Andaas, was based on the cakewalks Kriezenn, Dagarn and Jorl were, I found out that the rest of the zone wasn't when trying to fight them straight up, after trying some of them. So yeah, I was going to let the "capable" guilds kill Vulak, but I wanted my guild to choose who we killed on our rotation spot, not Vindication killing shit while we were working with one. I'm not unreasonable, I also know what my guild is capable of. Try to work shit out with me before you take it on your own to kill another's rotation spawn. Thanks.

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    Aary is one of the easiest mobs in Ntov heh, keep the tuff act up though I like it

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    Look who's talking about a "tuff act", since your always right there to try and diminish something we've done. Someone feeling threatened lately? Keep it up if it makes you feel better, cause like I told you and Sinar the other night, I could care less what you or your guild thinks of me and mine. My life doesnt change by it. You'll continue to do the things you do, and I'll continue to do mine.
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    I have no idea what your saying. I have never thought much about L`malla, so you need not worry about what I think of you.

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    Like I said, I'm not worrying
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    *passes out her special brownies again*

    What's that leafy substance you ask?

    *puts more frosting on the brownies*

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    Really. So your telling me Feshlak, Jorl, Kreizenn and Dagarn are hard eh? Maybe Koi and Mirinella? What about Cek and Sev? All rough, hard, unkillable dragons right, bigshot? Penis size aside, I personally think killing aary was a bit of a goal, since I've had people telling me for 3 weeks now that we should get used to farming Eashan and Ikatiar, because we won't kill aary for a month or two. Won't, can't, will not, should not, no way in hell. We did. Wanna tell us another dragon in ntov that we can't, won't, shouldn't, no way in hell kill? Acting tough because we accomplished something without much prior knowledge, without a half dozen prior attempts, strikes me as pride. I'm sure you guys felt a lot of pride killing Aary the first time. How about Zlex? I know you guys have farmed and farmed Zlex, all of what, 2 times? Gotten one Vulak, Killed Vyemm all of twice, right? I'm pretty sure you guys felt proud and wonderful, poweful even that you slew Zlex. It's called taking pride in what you do.

    Do you take pride in what you do, amigo?

    Bullshit name calling aside, Ciner, I'm against stuff rotting. I don't like the idea of good loot going to waste, and I'm pretty reasonable if you bother to talk to me. I'm against your lame ass attempts to sound superior, so can it. On here we are equal. Luclin can be FFA, I'd rather it was. Rotating mobs we know nothing about is kinda moronic. I'd rather shit didn't rot, and if I feel stuff might rot due to a patch, I'll let the igb know with enough time to do it. Be sure and extend the same, friend. And another thing, stay the fuck out of our raids on our scheduled rotation spot, unless I personally invite you. Thanks, Ciner.

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    I never said you wouldn't kill Aary, infact I said you would defenitly after 15 peeps in Vindi had been asked the strat by L`malla's hehe.

    You say your against stuff rotting to patch, then you say wah wah stay out of our ntov. Which is it?

    We clearly didnt come to steal L`malla's mobs, we avoided you and left you to kill as long as we could. Then the time came where we had to save the mobs still up from rotting.

    Also if your so against rotting as you say, and the scheduled patch was coming up, why didn't you post about how your guild wouldn't have the time to kill? Just such contradictory statements.

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    Ciner wrote:

    Aary is one of the easiest mobs in Ntov heh, keep the tuff act up though I like it
    Ciner, if this isn't you just blowing more smoke out your ass, then it's just more proof that you have zero comprehension of the capabilities and motivations of other guilds. You're so clouded by your own delusions of grandeur that you fail to see reality. Stop kidding yourself for once and witness what this is really about.

    This game is a joke when it comes to "strategy" and "winning". The only difficult part of this game is holding together a weakly connected social group long enough to accomplish the goals of all those involved.

    Vindication uses loot as motivation, and ends up with a lot of vain teenagers itching to kick some punk ass. Hoss uses the surmounting of impossible odds as motivation and ends up with a lot of college kids ready to take on the world. ML uses an escape into an alternate fantasy and social relaxation, and an occasional dragon ass kicking to relieve the stress of 9-5 jobs and families, as motivation and we end up with the old folks, hell half of our members are over 30.

    We're all completely different animals. We all have completely different attitudes, expectations, organizations, and strategies based on our class make-up. For you, this is a purely a game where you measure your accomplishments with pixels. For ML, it's an alternate reality that mimics the real world.

    Seriously, there's so many other games out there that would cater to what you guys are yearning for. I've got no idea why EQ still holds your interest. I guess the incessant drive for pixel acquisition and VOP is a hungry beast.

    Just look at how our guilds handle ST.

    Vindication - "We need to add more VOP to items so people with keys show up, and therefore increase our mad DPS~"

    Hoss - "We've already killed them before, we have no need to go except rarely to get a new person a weapon"

    ML - "Let's all go make another guildie happy by getting them a primal. /hop /skip /clap"

    Maybe my perception is slightly off, but that's how I and others I talk to see it.

    No, we are not the same animals.

    Yes, you are measuring your penis with a ruler whose scale does not translate to many of our languages.

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    Did you even read my posts Ciner? As for Aary, I'm sorry, did your guys give us info or something? I remember rather fondly getting hit with the AE and thinking "God, I hope we can hide from this shit" to wipe out horribly and spend 3 hours on CR trying our first time. It took awhile to figure out to hide from it, and even then we didn't know how to cope with the healers getting hit through the wall. Some playing around finally got it ironed out. But thanks for caring! Regardless, I'm pretty sure your the only person who missed my meaning, just make sure you understood the last couple sentences and all shall be well =)

    Hoss or ML have a problem being notified what spawns we are passing on before moving in on our raids?

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