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Thread: ok since i got obliterated lemme ask

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    ok since i got obliterated lemme ask

    why is my priv board access removed?
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    Arrow hrm

    This may have something to do with it..
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    Anyone who threatens the livelihood of Sirensa will get banned, just like myself. Sucks that i got banned for defending a guildmate. But whoa somehow she still retains moderator access and shes not even in Hoss!

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    Sorry, but you are wrong Sach.

    Anyone who resorts to personal attacks against any current or former Hoss member on this board or others will be banned. That is why the two of you were both banned, have a look at what you have posted about Sirensa and read what others posted and what she posted, and tell me they compare.

    I have not touched the access of people who simply posted that "so and so backstabbed the guild", because you are certainly open to your opinion on that.
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    heh i made a comment. I didnt flame.

    If i was gonna flame her i could blow her out of the water but I didn't cause it wasnt any of my business. I was more commenting on drakky than anyone cause we all know he is a manwhore, or was until he posted.

    So yeah sure, with as much as we flamed each other on the priv boards its ok but when it comes to sirensa it isnt. I'm sorry andaas but I really don't believe your story. Much worse things have been said to other people by other people yet they still remain. You're obviously protecting one person, not the boards. Especially when I only posted 1 thing, which didnt even name names or direct it to anyone.

    Feel free to tell me if i'm wrong. Cause then I'll open up a nice fresh can of ammunition.

    and ROFL guntak!!!! Put my pic away! No one is supposed to know who I am!
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    Lronius de la Mancha
    37 NE Priest - Uther

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    Actually, I've seen and other people have witnessed personal attacks worse than this on the very same board, and yet there was no banning what so ever then. But when it came to Sirensa, you quickly made action and banned some involved, but not all in the beginning.

    Don't play us for idiots.

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    Or maybe Andaas was caught at time when he wasn't in the mood for such childish endeavours? The straw that broke the camels back so to speak.
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    OMG Lronious is the guy from Pi~
    ~couldn't split up Tango and Cash

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    the original rogue uniter~
    if you ever wanna flame sirensa, you know where we be and i wont delete that shit!

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    Lron... lives?

    Wow ^_^ hi fire hydrant

    Hi old old hoss people that remember me from pre server split way back when >_<

    Ouch getting banned for flaming sirensa... imo banning a member or former member that no longer plays (those that do still play should have priv board access taken from them and stuff...) is a bit out there, even if it is for flaming a person... flaming always happens in a guild and its stupid to think that it won't jest because you'll ban them if they flame...

    Board Nazism sucks but hey, I dont own these boards, and this is the 1st time i've posted here scince these new ones were up... so don't listen to me... just voicing my stupid opinion!


    Rehi from Sol Ro ^_^ for those that remember mah


    Nolwen Crystalthorn

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    I remember you Nolwen!!

    How are you doing?

    I don't play any more because I found real life much better.

    Hope you are well!

    Nevar from long ago...

    Retired, back, gone for real.

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    Thumbs down hi

    Storme sucks.

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    Alas, it's true Gunnie...

    Retired, back, gone for real.

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    gunt am sucks log in

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    ya Dharrk used to post about how he wasnt missing the game in like EVERY post he made, storme who you trying to convince!!??!!?? come back to the dhark side.


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    Ahhh you I do miss!
    Retired, back, gone for real.

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    I'll make it plain and simple for all of you. Sirensa is VIP because she is in FOH now.

    Got it? good.

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    Sirensas acess was removed aswell .
    stfu thx.

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    now that is an outrage, how dare you! no more cyberz lala~

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    I remember you Storme... very well...

    Norrath War College, you and Arguile, Diison, Krynus and 200+ other members, we were teh 1st uber zerg guild evah! ^_^

    "Those were the days..."

    I'm still playing, though not nearly as addicted as I was at one point =D

    Blah Blah Blah Guild, Blah Blah Blah Magelo

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