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Thread: Rotation Schedule

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    Out of mild/not so mild curiousity, who's up next for sontalak? Kinda hard to follow the rotation on him with no dates to the fails

    If there are no dates, should I assume that the manner is left to right and that ML is up now? Just lookin for clarification.

    And yes, NK killed Sev. Does that skip the current guild's spot (for not watching the spawn) when a non-igb guild kills a rotated mob or is it considered skipped spawn and the same guild is up for it still? Thanks.

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    Fixed. I'll be putting the dates in there now with them, thanks for the heads up.

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    CN is passing on Kland this time -- I apologize for not posting this sooner Kland is up now so next in line have at it. I will let ya know before our next turn if we will stay in that rotation or not.
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    Sontalak - ML (F), L`Malla (P), Hoss (F - 9/2), Vindi (P)

    Anyone else thoroughly confused by this one?

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    Vind was up 9/3, as Hoss failed 9/2. Vind's last rotation they passed by default. ML is up 9/4, and if ML passes/Fails, L`Malla is up 9/5.

    I just started adding the dates for passes and fails, based on the ones I could remember off the top of my head, ie, Sontalak.

    There's two new passes on Klandicar as well, if you'll note they have recent dates (9/3).

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    Last kill was 8/27, Patch was 8/29.

    He dead yet Hoss?

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    Naggy was killed on 08/31 according to my sources - has Ragefire been killed yet?
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    We traded our ragefire spawn with seekers for this rotation cycle as they spent 3 days trying to kill Nagafen for their cleric and we felt bad him.

    Sooo Seekers got him 9/2 - and Hoss is still waiting for our spawn.

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